Identified Patient Dekmantel Podcast

The one you’ve all been wait­ing for. 

Iden­ti­fied Patients rela­tion­ship with the Dek­man­tel crew has grown stronger by the year. His impres­sive per­for­mances at a num­ber of their events have always been a strong addi­tion to their endeav­ours with his Boil­er Room debut being the icing on the cake. In recent news, Iden­ti­fied Patient also debuted on the UFO series of the Dek­man­tel label with a four-track EP titled Sig­nals In Snakes”, see here. And now, he keeps the fire burn­ing with his long-await­ed Dek­man­tel podcast. 

Although he is com­mon­ly known for his destruc­tive take on elec­tron­ic music, the Iden­ti­fied one choos­es to show­case the breadth of his range across this near­ly two-hour-long mix. It depicts cos­mic land­scapes, indige­nous tribes and alien worlds through a series of sludgy rhythms and futur­is­tic dub chug­gers before more propul­sive drums take you to the club.” Strap up and lis­ten to this one below! 

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