Identified Patient Dekmantel Podcast

The one you’ve all been waiting for. 

Identified Patient’s relationship with the Dekmantel crew has grown stronger by the year. His impressive performances at a number of their events have always been a strong addition to their endeavours with his Boiler Room debut being the icing on the cake. In recent news, Identified Patient also debuted on the UFO series of the Dekmantel label with a four-track EP titled “Signals In Snakes”, see here. And now, he keeps the fire burning with his long-awaited Dekmantel podcast. 

Although he is commonly known for his destructive take on electronic music, the Identified one chooses to showcase the breadth of his range across this nearly two-hour-long mix. “It depicts cosmic landscapes, indigenous tribes and alien worlds through a series of sludgy rhythms and futuristic dub chuggers before more propulsive drums take you to the club.” Strap up and listen to this one below! 

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