Interstellar Funk TIGHT podcast

Take a journey through percussion-heavy soundscapes with Interstellar Funk

Artificial Dance label boss Interstellar Funk seems to always hit the nail on the head when it comes to putting together a compelling podcast. From his many years working at Rush Hour, on top of his relentless efforts to unearth imperfections and eccentricities associated with left-of-centre analogue machine music, there is always years of knowledge and hard work behind his efforts. On this occasion, the Kiev based TIGHT magazine invite Interstellar Funk to take charge of the first episode in their new podcast series.  

True to his reputation Interstellar Funk serves up an hour of calculatedly chilling electronics. In the opening sequences, he lures in with some inviting cuts, however, it doesn’t talk long for him to turn to darker tones. The sounds of Wave, EBM and heavily percussive tracks walk you through the remainder of the podcast jumping from filthy distorted rhythms to clean-cut synth jams. Test drive it below and check out his latest EP on L.I.E.S., here

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